Here you can check your proxy for anonymity. URLs (see below) have dynamic pages that will show almost all information about your computer. This information can allow any web-server administrator to know when you download files, read pages or see pictures. Therefore, we recommend finding out

what can be known about you on the Internet: (click the "Go" button) - the really good web site for getting really full information about your computer. Information contains your real IP address ("Client's address we got" into "collected information") if you are not using anonymous proxy, network Information (about your provider, etc.), Domain Information and many many more. - contain basic information such as your IP, browser version, screen resolution, platform, java supporting, etc. - analyze your proxy connection. If you are using proxy, you can check your anonymity. - shows (for specified IP) country and a city. Also shows your browser and operating system versions.

N/A - shows real location of your computer (country and city), and also your Latitude (on site writed "Latitue") and Longitude.,net - popular site for beginners (button "Proxy Test"). Here you can know information about your IP-address ("You came from", or (if it's absent) - "remote address" / "remote host").

If you are using anonymous proxy

It's good :) Do you want to check your real anonymity? Even if your proxy is anonymous (or high anonymous - elite) we can to know your real IP address! If your browser supports Java, just go to:

Here you can see similar information as in URLs above, but also added a field on the top of page, where you can see your real IP! How it can be detected and how to "hide" your real IP, read article Anti-proxy.

Still's Proxy Checker Center - contains set of tests of proxy servers for anonymity, inclusive java test (if you have enabled Java in browser, this test shows your real IP). - more than 10 tests of anonymity of your proxy server.

Environment variables (now doesn't work) - contains almost all environment variables (this is information that your computer sends to the Internet when you connect to the web-sites). Variables are grouped by importance (most important placed on the top of web-page).

The Internet has many addresses like the ones presented here:

If you think that it's all information about you than can be known through the internet, you are wrong.

If you don't use real anonymous proxy, then anyone using your IP can learn information about you. So...

what can be known about you by IP?

For this test you will need your IP address. If you have troubles with getting this address, or you dont't want to test it, you can look for information about (for example) - just write this text into "SmartWhois" field.

Use this URL:

Just put the required address (for example, your IP) into the "SmartWhois" field and press the "Go" button. As a rule (in 99% of all situations) you will get information about your city, and the provider's name.

As a maximum (sometimes) you can know:

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We know that now you're in

Cambridge, United States
Everyone on the internet knows that!
How protect yourself?
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